Vietnam Premium Cashew, tasty and crunchy

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In recent years, the exportation volume of Vietnam cashews is ranked first in the world, there is a certain quality assurance for Vietnam cashews. Price mainly depends on the grading of cashew.


Cashew Grading
Cashew grading is classified in terms of its colour, shape (whole / broken) and size. 
Based on its colour, cashew can be classified as: W for White, S for Scorched, pale yellow or yellow; based on its shape, cashew can be classified as: W for Whole, B for Butts and P for Pieces, B means naturally broken, P means smaller broken pieces, in general, P class is used for mixing into candies or cakes. There is also a class called Split, it means dividing into two parts.
Size is generally presented in numeric, the digits represent the number of grains per pound, the smaller the number the bigger the cashews size, but the number is not a fixed amount, it allows a fluctuation up or down around 20 grains. According to the size of cashews, it can be grouped into 3 grades in the wholesale market: W240, means white, whole, about 240 grains per pound (454 grams); W320, means white, whole, about 320 grains per pound (454 grams); while W450, means white, whole, about 450 grains per pound (454 grams).
Method for the Preparation of Roasted and Salted Cashews
The raw cashew nuts and a lot of salt are mixed together in a large metallic container and fried on the fire until the cashews are well cooked. The cashew nuts and salt are poured into a sieve, then, sieve away the salt only to keep the cashew. Next, cashew is cooled down and sealed into food containers for preservation. NPV delight® Roasted and Salted Cashew sold in our stores is prepared by this method.
Method for the Preparation of Naturally Baked Cashew
First of all, boil the water, then add the raw cashew into the boiling water to cook until the cashew is floating up, pick up the floating cashews, drain and then take it to bake, stir regularly. When the cashew becomes golden in color, it is ready for serving. Keep the baked cashew in sealed food containers for its crunchiness. NPV delight® Naturally Baked Cashew sold in our stores is produced with the naturally baked method.
Nutritional Value of Cashew Nuts
Cashew is one of the world's "four popular nuts", the other three are walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. 
  • Cashew contains 21% of protein, 40% of oil, and also has a high content of vitamins. 
  • The fat content of cashew mainly composes of monounsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids can lower the blood cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL levels and increase high-density lipoprotein levels. It is good for the heart and brain blood vessels. 
  • Cashew is rich in fats. It can be laxative, and have a good effect on skin and beauty. It can also delay aging. 
  • Cashew is rich in vitamin A, an excellent antioxidant which can make the skin look shiny. 
  • Cashew nuts also have the effect of stimulating milk secretion. It is good for the postpartum women who do not have enough milk secretion for their babies.
  • Cashew nuts contain a lot of protease inhibitors, it may be slightly have some effects on cancer. 
Regular consumption of cashew can increase your body strength, improve your body's resistance to disease, increase appetites, weight and other effects.